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Pregnant with triplets

When you think of having a baby, that’s it…a baby – one. Then in the future maybe more. However, never in a million years would I have thought I’d get pregnant with triplets!

My career was going really well, I was finally doing what I really wanted to do and feeling confident. My relationship was really bad, and children, honestly, wasn’t planned.

I had come off the pill, as it was giving me terrible migraines, and I was going to get the coil fitted, once all the hormones from the pill had gone out of my body. Things happened, that I won’t write in detail, but I never thought I would be pregnant. I did a test when I realised I hadn’t had my period, just to put my mind at ease. The results showed straight away and the lines were very dark. There was no mistaking I was pregnant. I then did a clear blue test, to double check and have an idea of how many weeks I was. I was 3+ weeks! Truthfully, I cried, a lot. I was scared. I didn’t know how I could afford a baby, how would we cope, what will happen? I always thought it would be such a happy moment, but when your relationship is bad at that time, the anxiety just seemed, to well…triple! So many things running through my mind.

During my first scan I thought I had lost the baby, as the sonographer said she couldn’t see anything. I knew that there should be something there and I just didn’t know what to think or do. It all still felt surreal. I then had an internal scan and was told I was 5 weeks pregnant…with triplets. I sat upright, “What?!” I cried, and then swore quite a bit. As it was so early we needed to get to our 12 week scan to definitely confirm there were three babies, as at 5 weeks all that they could see were three sacs.

My 12 week scan (at 10 weeks and 6 days) was so nerve wracking! My OH was holding my hand so tight and I just kept watching his face, as I couldn’t see the screen and I was trying to gage his reaction. Have we lost our babies? Do we really have three?!

“1…2…3!” Said the sonographer, “but I am just going to check if there are any more!”

“Omg, more than three!?!”

“Just three. You’re having triplets!”

My OH was smiling so much and I desperately wanted to see the screen. She then turned it so I could see, and there they were. Our babies. Three hearts beating away. I cried, OH cried. It was the most amazing, but overwhelming time! I also just hoped it meant things would better in the relationship.

No one believed us and they were so shocked when they saw our scan picture. I had to tell my bosses straight away, as I was so sick. I had morning sickness three times a day, always similar times and it was just awful. There were a few times I had to pull over on the way to work, to be sick out of the car! The afternoons were hard though, as I got so exhausted.

Fresh air and walks helped and I also needed to keep as mobile as possible. Work were absolutely amazing with me and Tess, Lizzie and Andrew were so caring! As were all my colleagues, but I have to really thank my bosses. I was so scared, but never showed it and they helped me so much.

When I had my scans, it felt amazing to see our babies on the screen, but then I felt nervous meeting our multiple specialist afterwards. During one meet, pretty early on, he asked if I wanted to have a reduction and before he even finished his sentence, I jumped in and said no. “Oh, you know what that means?”, he asked. “Yes, I don’t want to abort any of our babies. My body has created three babies, I am carrying three babies. We are meant to have three babies”. I’ve heard that this is a standard question for high multiple pregnancies, but to hear it, is really hard.

When I got to 18 weeks pregnant, I then had a scan every two weeks. When my OH couldn’t come, my mum, sister and OH’s mum came with me, at separate times. This was really nice, so they got to experience it with me.

I was still so sick as I got past 20 weeks and my bump was getting very big!

I had a couple of scares with reduced movements, where I had to get checked in hospital and I was told I needed to rest. I really wanted to work until December, but that wasn’t going to happen. It was either finish early and rest or I would end up on hospital bed rest, which I really didn’t want. So when I was 27 weeks, I finished work. It was soooo hard to relax at first, as I love working and doing things, but I knew I had to rest as much as possible.

To keep me upbeat and also get me out the house for a little bit, my incredible friends organised an incredible baby shower! I also couldn’t believe I had reached 28 weeks!

My goals were:

1. Get to 24 weeks and viability

2. Get to 27 weeks and 90% viability

3. Have my baby shower while still pregnant!

4. Get past 29 weeks and reach December.

And I reached all those goals! Now to get through Christmas and deliver three healthy babies. I was lucky and I didn’t get any pregnancy complications, but I did get a chest infection which meant my c-section date was brought forward a week! Our last Christmas as a family of two (three, including our puppy, Ralph!)

I was so nervous as the days counted down, but I just couldn’t wait to meet our babies.

From starting 2017 with a puppy to finishing with three babies is something I never would have thought in a million years, but I am so lucky and blessed. I was lucky, I know people can have such hard times with pregnancy. I am just so grateful. My morning sickness lasted until the day they were born as well – and that is something I definitely don’t miss! But I do sometimes miss my bump. Feeling them wriggling around inside me, kicking each other and the only time they will have their own room! I actually did it.

You can read more about their birth on my next blog.

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