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Mum’s Surprise 60th Party

As I sat there surrounded by loved ones, party music playing, disco lights dancing, my babies asleep in their prams, I could feel myself getting emotional. To be there, to see how my life now is, when I honestly thought I would be dead now.

Looking around at who is in my life, watching my amazing mum have the time of her life dancing with her friends; I felt so proud.

It was my mum’s surprise 60th birthday party and we had been all planning it for months! She thought she was going to the Hilton for a meal and cocktails and she had no idea of what we were really planning!

I bought her the most fabulous dress from Lovedrobe via ASOS, as she needed to wear something special and I told her she needed something fancy for the Hilton!

My sister Helen sorted out the DJ, my sister Lauren did the decorating and I did the buffet! I mean how hard is it to create a buffet from scratch for over 100 people?! Ermmm!

Luckily Helen came to mine, on the ruse we were going to Blackpool for the day, so mum didn’t wonder where Helen was! She helped me with Joshua, Oliver and Mila while I started cooking. 6.30am and the first lot of food went into the oven!

Extremely full fridge of food for the party

My fridge full of party food to sort!

10 hours later I had finished everything, showered and got everything packed up in my car. I was aching!!

Platter of sausage rolls
The most delicious sausage rolls

So while I went to drop off the food, Helen got my babies ready for the party, so then once I could come and pick them up and head back straight away. I then got ready in the toilet at the venue!

Now it was nearing 7.45pm and she would be arriving any minute!! Now I was getting so nervous! We even turned the security monitor around so we could see when they were coming in! Joshua also tried to come over, but luckily Hannah was there to pick him up just has they came through the door!!

Joshua walking towards his mum, while we can see the birthday girl arriving on the security camera
They have arrived!

My mum truly has no idea at all! It was the best moment, so emotional, so much love!!

Nicola’s mum crying in shock at just finding out she was at her surprise birthday partyMum with her friends

My buffet looked great all set out and the decoration was fantastic!

Buffet table
The buffet!

There were amazing bottled lights on every table!

Bottled lights
Upcycled lights!

But wow, the cake!!! My mum is a huge Man City fan and this cake was just so incredible!!!

Manchester City football 60th birthday cake
Manchester City 60th birthday cake!

It was so nice to see friends and family and also for them to meet Joshua, Oliver and Mila for the first time! They were all so good, but they always are! They love being out and watching people. Joshua was confident straight away and he loved exploring on his own and talking to people. Mila was a bit wary at first, but then enjoyed running around and playing with the balloons, but would always stay close by to me. Oliver was very chilled and tired and just wanted to stay with me, Hannah and Sarah and enjoy having cuddles.

We then had fun having a little dance and just watching the flashing disco lights.

Nicola sat on the dance floor with Oliver, Mila and Joshua sat on her.
Me and my beautiful babies, sat on the dance floor
Nicola with Joshua, Oliver and Mila, her sisters, mum and stepdad.
My beautiful family
Nicola’s mum holding her birthday cake in front of huge number balloons 6 and 0.
My beautiful mum

As the night progressed, I sat and watched everyone and how much fun they were all having. How we were all there for my mum. She was dancing in the middle of a circle of her friends and she looked so happy. I found I was starting to feel emotional, as I was thinking how I couldn’t have been there. I could so easily have been dead now. To have my family and friends around me and to have so much love is what we definitely all need. I need. To see everyone come together for our queen was truly the best.

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